7 TED Talks Parents Should Watch

TED talks are well-known for presenting speeches that share new ideas while challenging people to broaden their thinking. TED talks cover a broad range of topics such as inspirational stories, politics, art, technology and even parenting.

Here are seven TED talks that parents should watch.

How to raise successful kids — without over-parenting

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The tiger mum perspective of getting kids to be successful by raising them to score well in exams is shattered by Julie Lythcott-Haims. She advocates for children to be given unconditional love no matter how they do academically, so that they are well-adjusted and can thrive in any environment they are in.

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

City kids, like those raised in Singapore, are very protected, and Gever Tulley believes that instead of sheltering them from what’s out there, we should expose them to it. This way they get to learn some critical life lessons such as getting to know their own bodies intimately, how to relate to the environment around them and how they should never play with fire.

Love, no matter what

Unconditional love is something that every parent has heard about, but what about unconditional acceptance? Andrew Solomon shares what the power of acceptance encompasses and how children’s lives can be changed with it.

In our baby’s illness, a life lesson

How would you respond if your 10-day-old child had a stroke? This was the question that Roberto D’Angelo and Francesca had to face. Watch the video to find out how they overcame their fears and the challenges ahead of them to help their son lead a life worth living.

What do babies think?

Ever wondered what your baby is thinking even as you care for him/her? Psychologist Alison Gopnik gives some insight into what may be on your little one’s mind.

A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time

Steven Addis talks about how taking photos can help in making memories with your children that last a lifetime.

Let’s talk parenting taboos

Ever had certain thoughts during your parenting journey that you felt you could never share with other people for fear that they would judge you? Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman come clean about four parenting taboos that they always wanted to admit but never felt they could.

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