5 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

One thing that comes with being pregnant is receiving constant comments related to your pregnancy. As hormones are at work, innocent and even well meaning remarks can be misconstrued. But whatever you do, we would advice that you don’t utter the five sentences below — there are better ways of phrasing your well-wishes or concerns.

1. Any sentence that starts with “You should…”.

Most pregnant ladies would already have heard lots of advice — everyone from their own mothers to the concerned aunty that they meet only during Chinese New Year has likely given her a list of things she shouldn’t be doing. It’s even more frustrating when they hear conflicting advice from different people who expect them to follow their specific instructions to a tee.

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Though you may have good intentions, they probably would have heard more advice than they know what to do with, and believe us, they will ask you if they want you to weigh in.

2. Wow, your bump is so big/small for how far you are along (or any other size of bump related comment).

Maybe you feel that it’s a compliment but for a woman dealing with a battle of hormones and changes to the body, it may be hard to process and may lead instead to a cycle of worrying if their bump size is not normal, and hence your comments. Plus, she can probably see her size for herself without any additional help.

3. Enjoy your time now, your life will never be the same after the baby is born.

She would know that life is about to change — her body has already gone through enough changes. Reminding her that more changes are coming may be stating the obvious and could set her off.

4. You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be eating/drinking that.

With all the available information online and from her gynaecologist, she probably has an idea of what she should and should not be eating, and the rule of “as long as in moderation” applies even during pregnancy. Chances are she is probably more worried about how what she eats affects the baby more than you are.

5. You look tired.

Have you tried carrying extra weight on your belly? Of course she’s tired and she probably doesn’t really want any reminders of how tired she is. Offer to help her do some simple chores, that will be much more helpful to her.

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