5 Concerns about Sex and Pregnancy

The sex drive doesn’t fully die down just because you’re pregnant, and neither does your husband’s. So is sex during pregnancy safe? We answer five concerns women have when it comes to being intimate while a little one is growing within you.

Will I harm my baby if my husband and I have sex?

No, it’s perfectly safe to give in to your sexual needs. Your baby is located high up in the mother’s womb and has extra protection from the amniotic sac. Additionally, there is a mucus plug in the cervix that prevents infections from entering the uterus.

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Are there safe positions to have sex in during my pregnancy?

You may want to avoid placing pressure on the abdomen as much as possible and may have to try a few positions to find one that is comfortable for the both of you.

You can try being on top as this allows you to control the penetration (deep penetrations can be painful during this stage of pregnancy) and take the weight off your abdomen. You can try straddling your partner when he is seated on a chair.

Another position is spooning, where both of you are lying down sideways, with your partner behind you for penetration.

Is there anything wrong with me if I don’t want to have sex?

Every woman is different and it’s understandable, especially during the first trimester where you are experiencing nausea and fatigue, that sex might be the last thing on your mind. It usually improves during the second trimester where you usually have more energy and used to the pregnancy. That said, remember to communicate with your partner so that he understands why you may be saying no to him.

Are there any situations that I should avoid having sex?

Yes if you have unexplained vaginal bleeding, a low-lying placenta, are at risk of premature labour, history of miscarriages, or problems with the cervix. If you have any concerns at all, do consult your doctor for more advice.

How soon after pregnancy can I have sex?

Your body will need time to heal and usually you will be ready four to six weeks after you give birth. You may need lubrication if you have vaginal dryness, and remember to wait till you are ready instead of rushing it.

You may not need to avoid sex during pregnancy, but there are foods that you should avoid at all costs to prevent any harm for coming to you baby. Click here to find out what they are. 

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