5 Benefits of Babywearing

It’s now commonplace to see babywearing practiced all over the world with slings, wrap and various carriers being used even in busy metropolises like Singapore. However, the practice of carrying the baby close to you as you go about your daily activities is not new, and various cultures have practiced this for years. Babywearing trainer, Jasmine Tan-Tai, shares why you should consider giving babywearing a go.

1. Your hands are free to do other things

Babies, especially when they are still infants, like to be carried, and if you carry them the usual way to soothe them, it can be difficult to do anything else aside from holding them. By using a carrier, your hands are free to attend to other things such as eating and using the washroom. If you have an older child, using babywearing allows you to continue your daily routine with him with as little disruption as possible.

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2. More love hormones are produced

Keeping baby close to you help to increase your oxytocin levels — also known as the love hormone — that benefits not just baby, but you too.

For baby, when there is frequent skin to skin contact, they will experience better brain and emotional development, as well as less stress and crying bouts, which will allow for better sleep. Oxytocin also increases their oxygen levels, and stabilises their heartbeat and breathing. For mums, the love hormone increases breastmilk production, and allows for better bonding with baby, helping to reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression.

3. Your posture will improve

Babywearing promotes good posture development for both mother and child. As the carrier requires you to stand straight when your baby is inside, your core muscles will be strengthened. Babies who have been worn correctly in an ergonomic carrier have also been known to reach developmental milestones earlier.

4. Less hassle when you go out

Though heading out with a stroller is an easy way to go out with your baby, it requires meticulous planning, particularly if you are doing it on your own. As we all know, when you are travelling with a stroller, it’s best to have a stair-free and flat route. With a sling, you have more freedom to choose paths that aren’t stroller-friendly but will get you there in a quicker amount of time. You also don’t need to worry about baby fussing and demanding to be carried as she’s already attached to you.

It’s also easy to be distracted while you are out, and not every country is as safe as Singapore, so in a stroller, something may happen to your baby without you realising it. If baby is attached to you, you can be rest assured of his safety.

5. Workout on the go

Truth be told, babywearing requires more energy on your part, but it makes for a great workout. And in the same way, that you are supposed to increase the intensity of your workout after a period of time, your workout is intensified as baby gains weight as he grows.


Jasmine Tan-Tai is a mother of two and is trained and certified under the School of Babywearing, United Kingdom (Level 3) and Die Trageschule, Dresden-Germany (Advanced). She has been coaching parents on the art of babywearing and ensuring their baby is worn in a respectful and mindful manner for over 10 years. To find out more, visit fb.com/babywearingconsultation.

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