4 Ways Singapore Budget 2017 May Affect Mummies

If you are a mummy residing in Singapore, here are some points from Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s budget speech in February 2017 that you should take note of as they could potentially affect you and your family.

1. Higher water bills

With water prices increasing by 30 per cent due to higher costs of desalination and NEWater production, it might be time to teach the little ones to be more cautious of how they use water at home. This price increase will take place in two phases from July 1 2017.

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Do note that there will be a permanent increase in the GST Voucher — Utilities-Save rebate for eligible households to help offset this increase.

2. Increase in the number of places in infant care

If you are looking at adding to your family, you’ll be pleased to know the government has pledged to add more than 8,000 places in infant care centres by 2020. Good news for working mummies and those who need external help.

3. Lower tax bills this year

A 20 per cent personal income tax rebate, which is capped at $500, will be given for all income earned in the year of assessment 2017. This translates to a slight increase in disposable income if all other things remain equal in your household from the previous year.

4. More opportunities for mummies looking to re-enter the workforce

Support via the Career Support Programme, Professional Conversion Programme and Work Trial Programme will be given to jobseekers. There’s also a new ‘Attach and Train’ initiative that’s aimed at helping workers to get jobs in sectors that good growth prospects. Industry partners will be encouraged to send participants for training to increase their chances of finding a job later under this new initiative.

For more information on the above changes and other announcements during the Budget 2017 Speech, click here.

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