4 Reasons To Bring Your Kids To Watch Koko The Great

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By Seow Kai Lun
August 16, 2017

We are always looking for kid-friendly shows for little ones, especially those that are suitable for two-year-olds, and unfortunately, there aren’t too many of such shows around.

That’s why we love the PLAYtime! interactive theatre series and the latest show that’s playing now is Koko The Great. Like the first two plays in the series, it is based on a storybook that was inspired by Singaporean artist Liu Kang’s oil painting, Life By the River.

Watch the video below for some of the highlights:

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Here are four reasons why you should definitely bring your little ones to catch the pot hat wearing, spatula wielding Koko on his river adventure before it is over.

1. They mean it when they say the show is interactive

Unlike the usual set up in a typical theatre show, where the chairs and stage separate the cast and the children, the layout in the theatre is completely flat, allowing the cast members to come up close to the little ones in the audience and engage them, which they did. When demonstrating the actions of the songs, they are looking directly into each child’s eye and the puppets, such as a butterfly on the stick, would come ever so near them.

Our kid reviewers were thrilled when they had the opportunity to get on to the stage and get involved in a simple yet fun sorting game.

2. It can be viewed from every angle

There’s no such thing as the best seat in the house for this show, thanks to the brilliant staging of the play. There’s no fixed seating plan, so you are welcome to sit anywhere on the three designated areas on the floor that surround the stage. Usually, the best place to catch all the action would be at the centre, but for this play, the cast will look at every side of the stage while speaking (there are times when their backs face those in the centre), leaving no audience member unattended.

For little ones who can’t sit still, they are free to walk around the audience area that surrounds the stage during the performance until they can find a spot that they like the most. We’re sure the other mummies in the audience who have little ones of their own can empathise if that really does happen. You can also freely exit and re-enter the show as needed if the situation with your child calls for it.

3. Delightful kid-friendly performances, catchy tunes and easy to follow sing-a-longs

Even the adults in the audience were bopping their heads to the songs that were sung, much less the kids – everyone below the age of six in the audience was completely mesmerised.

You would imagine that it would be difficult for a young one to still completely still during a performance that lasts 40 minutes long, yet that’s exactly what happened, even with the three-year-old that we brought along for the performance who usually gets bored of games within 10 minutes of playing with them, thanks to the colourful lifelike puppets and beautiful stage props. Even when she got home, she was still humming the tunes sung during the show.

4. Relive the show with your child by reading the book with them

There are many lessons and values that little ones can learn from the show, including the value of working together to finish a task, the power of imagination and the importance of listening to your parents. And you can reinforce these lessons with your children by getting the book and reading it during bedtime with your little one, or listen to the story on the video below.


Koko The Great is playing at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from now until 27 August. Tickets cost S$20, and PIP’s Club members can get a bundle of 4 tickets for just S$72. Click here to purchase tickets or for more information.