4 Cloth Diaper Brands Reviewed

Cloth diapers today are not what they were twenty years ago. Instead of just being flat pieces of muslin cloth that you would have to fold into diaper shapes and fasten with a safety pin (these still exist), they now come in a myriad of colourful prints and no folding is needed.

For the modern day mum in Singapore, the most common type of cloth diapers you’ll find in the market are pocket cloth diapers. They come in two parts, an outer waterproof shell that prevents the contents from leaking out, and a pocket to place an absorbable insert to catch most of the liquid waste a little one produces.

Here are our first impressions of four popular brands you can find in Singapore that will grow with your kid.

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Bambino Mio Miosolo all-in-one nappy

Hailing from the UK, this is the only nappy that we saw with an insert that cannot be detached. (If you are looking for the detachable version, get the Miosoft.) This would make it easier for washing as you won’t need to wash two separate pieces and potentially find yourself bringing out a cover without an insert.

The Miosolo’s shell had one of the softest linings among the four we reviewed, and the handy tabs on the insert, make it the easiest brand of insert to remove without getting your hands too dirty. The insert also has a ‘pocket’ on the end that facilitates easy insertion of the insert into the outershell.

The outershell has six buttons in front, giving mummies three different diaper length options, and uses Velcro to secure itself around a child’s waist. When stretched out at its maximum, it measures approximately 54cm around the waist.

S$39.90, with one attached insert, available at agapebabies.com

Bumwear One-Size Pocket Diapers

Made locally, the Bumwear outershell lining is one of the thickest compared to the others and is the most furry. This is not in any way indicative of whether it is better as every child has their own different preferences to the material that they like on their skin.

What is unique about Bumwear’s diapers is that they have purposefully given you two options of using the inserts. You can insert them into the outershell, using the ‘pocket’ on the end of the insert, or lay them over the shell’s inner lining — the insert is kept in place by two snaps at the top of the diaper. This gives you the option of only changing the insert if lining of the outershell remains clean. If you can’t remember how to use the inserts, there’s a QR code attached on the label that will lead you to a webpage with instructions.

The outershell has buttons to keep it secure on a child. Mummies have two different length options. When stretched out at its maximum, it measures approximately 64cm around the waist.

S$35.50, with one two-way insert, available at bumwear.com

Charlie Banana One-Size Diaper

This Hong Kong-based brand has a lining on its outershell that is on the thicker side. Its inserts have the same lining, making it just as comfortable for your child should you choose the insert over the outershell lining instead of inserting it in. Do note that the inserts don’t come with a ‘pocket’ in the front. The outershell’s waistband is also the thickest among all the brands we reviewed.

Unlike the other brands that use buttons to vary the length of the diaper, Charlie Banana uses a bra-strap design that is hidden in the sides of the outershell to alter the length of the diaper and fit it more securely around the leg. When stretched out at its maximum, it measures approximately 54cm around the waist.

S$199 for a 6-pack with 12 inserts, available at pupsikstudio.com

Moo Moo Kow One Size Aplix Diaper

Local brand Moo Moo Kow’s diaper’s outershell lining is the thinnest of the four. The inserts are made of microfibre cloth on one side and a smooth lining on the other. They do not come with a ‘pocket’ on the end and can be a bit cumbersome to insert into the outershell.

The outershell has 12 buttons in front, giving mummies four different diaper length options, and uses Velcro to secure itself around a child’s waist. When stretched out at its maximum, it measures approximately 60cm around the waist.

S$30, with two stay-dry inserts, available at moomookow.com

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