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3 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Festive Period

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By Seow Kai Lun
December 19, 2016

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year. These are three of the biggest celebrations in Singapore, with every one of them involving good food and drinks in multiple quantities, and they usually occur one after the other, with little time for the tummy and body to recover. That is if you indulge every time you are invited to a party or function.

Thankfully, if you make the right choices, staying healthy is still possible and health coach Elika, shares three things to do to be able to make it through all your festive engagements without expanding your wasitline by too much.

1. Eat proper meals and discard the save your stomach mentality

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Contrary to what most people tend to do, which is save calories from breakfast and lunch by not eating these meals, you should have a big breakfast and a good lunch. This will help you make wise choices when it’s time for dinner and there is a whole spread of food in front of you. You should also have some food before you attend such events if you know that you might over indulge. Having food in the belly, means that you are more likely to take little nibbles of the not so healthy items at the table than to make wrong choices because you are hungry.

2. Start the day with lemon water

Drink up in the morning with one litre of warm water that has a slice of lemon added to it. Lemon is a good natural way of cleaning the body, giving it a good detox. It also you to keep your sugar cravings in check.

3. Eat the real food first

Look at the spread before you and choose the non-processed foods first to fill you. If you head straight for the sugary treats first, you might be starving when you see them and this might cause you to eat more of them. Follow the 80/20 rule in this regard, here you eat 80 per cent of your food in its natural form, and indulge in treats 20 per cent of the time, and let them be high quality treats as far as possible.

Click here to watch a video where Elika shares these tips in detail.


Elika is a health & corporate wellness coach who works with time constrained professionals to achieve their health goals through fitness and nutrition. She is also the owner of Kitchen by Food Rebel, which provides healthy food and classes so you can make them yourself at home.