Pre-Natal Massage Review: The Outcall Spa

When you’re pregnant, sometimes the last thing you want to do is to leave the house, even for an indulgent, relaxing massage.

The fact is, as one’s pregnancy progresses, it gets harder and harder to move about and going from place to place, suddenly seems like an uphill task.

But what if you could enjoy a full spa experience right in the comfort of your own home? Well, that’s the sort of idea that really appeals to me, especially considering that I’m currently 29-weeks pregnant and getting increasingly immobile. So when I found out that The Outcall Spa, a new mobile spa outfit that was launched just last year, caters to pregnant women, I was very excited to give the service a whirl.

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Founded by two enterprising ladies, mum-of-three Amber Chong and her partner Stella Tan, The Outcall Spa differentiates itself from other mobile massage services by bringing the entire spa experience to you. This means that massage bed, towels, essential oils and even the ubiquitous ginger tea that spas serve at the end of a treatment are all brought to your house to recreate that spa experience.

Now, the thing about having massages when you’re pregnant, it is that the therapist must be specially trained to offer these massages because there are bits of the body that should be avoided, and the mother’s position has to be adjusted to accommodate the burgeoning belly. Which is why most mothers would opt to visit a spa that has a specially tailored pre-natal massage.

The Outcall Spa is no different. Its Signature Pre-Natal massage session is conducted by a specially trained therapist — the one that worked on me, revealed that she even does post-natal massage and benkung wraps.

As is expected from a therapist who knows what she’s doing, she avoided my abdomen and womb area but kept her strokes firm in order to alleviate all the tension in my back, shoulders and neck. She also made sure to position me sideways and advised me to hug a bolster for additional support.

It is not recommended for expecting mums to use aromatherapy so she made sure that the entire session was scentless (other treatments from The Outcall Spa do feature aromatherapy), but played soothing music to add to the atmosphere.

What this achieves, is an environment that resembles a spa and truly, I almost forgot I was at home. And yet, I didn’t even take one step out of the house. When done, a nice hot cup of ginger tea was awaiting me, ending the treatment on a high note.

While there are many therapists who do offer home visits, The Outcall Spa really differentiates itself by going the extra mile to recreate that calm, zen experience that you would get by visiting a spa. That, coupled with well-trained therapists, means that it gets this pregnant mama’s stamp of approval.

The Outcall Spa’s Mums for Life Prenatal Massage costs S$198 for a 90-minute session and S$268 for a 120-minute session. For bookings, please click here.

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