10 Instagram Mums to Follow

As modern mums, we unapologetically want it all, and it has never been easier to look to other mums for inspiration. We love how the Instagram community has grown and with it, so many mums are now able to share their lives and work. Here, we’ve picked 10 mums to follow to Instagram, all of whom provide daily insta-piration to the Mummyfique team.

  1. @chloeuberkid
    chloeuberkid instagram mum to follow
    Credit: @chloeuberkid

    Essentially any mum with young children will tell you the house perpetually looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster, and this mom documents exactly that. The big difference is her mess looks gloriously stylish which makes us want to stock up on all these perfect toys and accessories to create those perfect messes too. Happily Mummyfique is poised to help, may we suggest, thisthis, and these.

  2. @lovesarahschneider
    lovesarahschneider instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @lovesarahschneider

    Sarah has this amazing glorious house with so many beautiful nooks and cranies that are made all the more perfect with her decor touches. We love that her design aesthetic also translates into amazing parties in her home for her friends and their children. What a great use of a gorgeous space, and there is so much insipration for interior and party ideas going on in one Instagram account.

  3. @lauralacquer
    lauralacquer instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @lauralacquer

    We have so much love for this account. This Harvard MD juggles a newborn, toddler AND she’s back at work just one month after having her baby. She clutches a coffee cup in mosts of her posts which makes her all the more relatable. Laura is a great inspiration for mothers juggling an intense job, young children and a blog. Now who says that mothers can’t do it all?

  4. @ohjoy
    ohjoy instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @ohjoy

    With 281, 000 followers, Joy Cho is definitely an inspiration to many. Her brightly coloured feed is a constant source of  DIY ideas and amazing recipes. Joy’s recent collaboration with Target for a nursery collection makes her chic and cheery looks readily accessible.

  5. @catslavery
    catslavery instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @catslavery

    We had to have a local mum on the list, Bella’s feed is a glorious array of perfectly styled food, minimalist design aesthetic and great fitness tips.

  6.  @chrisellelim
    chrisellelim instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @chrisellelim

    Mummyfique’s Instagram mums to follow list would not be complete without Chriselle Lim. This Korean-American social-boss runs a top blog and Youtube channel and she recently signed on with The Society, the New York arm of Elite models AFTER she had her baby Chloe Victoria. This très chic mummy is our definition of a Mummyfique mum. Follow her as she takes on the fashion world with baby Chloe in tow.

  7.  @bevcooks
    bevcooks Instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @bevcooks

    A mother of adorable twins, this mum’s feed is a constant source of great ideas for homecooked feasts and hosting ideas.

  8.  @leesamantha
    leesamantha instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @leesamantha

    This stylish young mother has one of the most prolific food styling blogs in the region. Her creations have been  covered by Huffington Post, Yahoo! and Daily Mail UK. Her instagram feed is chock full of creative plating ideas to keep the little ones engaged with healthy meals.

  9. @anja_mari
    anja_mari instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @anja_mari

    This Polish mother now based in Boston has two young boys and an MBA degree. Her feed showcases great stylish ideas for home and baby.

  10. @lolasanlola
    lolasanlola instagram mums to follow
    Credit: @lolasanlola

    We wrap up this list with a new Instagram account, this mum’s feed is a joy. Her children are adorable and she documents great activity ideas and snaps from the family’s travels. Any mum gungho enough to bring three young children on a huge travel adventure has our support.

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