10 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Easter Eggs

Easter isn’t complete without the quintessential Easter eggs, and it’s a fun craft to do with your minis while having some quality bonding time. Here are 10 creative ways to decorate your eggs and make them stand out from everyone else.

1. DIY Marbled Eggs
Make eggs with pretty swirls on them using one of these two simple methods

(with nail polish)

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(with whipped cream)

2. Glitter Eggs
We’re sure that these eggs will capture the hearts of your little girls. After all, how many girls don’t like glittery items?

3. Colourful Foiled Eggs
This is a quick and easy way to add gold flecks to your eggs.

4. Splatter Eggs
This one is suitable for the really young ones and allows them to decorate Easter eggs without making a big mess. As a plus, it uses items that you are likely to already have at home.

5. Chick-inspired Eggs
Chicks and eggs go hand in hand during Easter, so why not make your eggs look like adorable little chicks.

6. Nature’s Impressions Eggs
Prefer using all natural ingredients to colour your eggs? This is the method you should use.

7. Tie Dye Eggs
Here’s another way to add a smattering of colour to your Easter eggs.

8. Galaxy Eggs
Make your eggs look like the night sky using this technique.

9. String Art Eggs
It’s amazing what can be achieved with some food colouring and string!

10. String Yarn Eggs
If you would rather not use actual eggs for an Easter egg hunt, use this technique to create eggs make from yarn, and save the real eggs for breakfast.

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