10 Dads To Follow On Instagram

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By Samantha Jong
June 12, 2017

Dads play as great a role in a child’s life and mums do and as we celebrate the important men in our life this upcoming weekend, here are some great dads you should check out on Instagram.

Aaron Aziz – @aarondwiaziz

Do you remember when this heartthrob was in channel 5’s Heartlanders with Vincent Ng and Julian Hee? Aaron has come a long way since, and is making waves overseas – his role in Hong Kong’s Special Female Force in 2016 earned him the nickname “Malaysia’s Andy Lau”. The multi-talented star also runs his own management and production company, and he has amassed a whopping 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Did we mention he’s a dad to three children too?

Andie Chen – @andiechen

Family means being there for each other. Always. @kandiefamily @katepang311

A post shared by Chen Bangjun (@andiechen) on

He’s married to actress and host Kate Pang, and the pair are parents to two adorably cheeky little ones. They run the channel Kandie Network together, where the pair address parenting topics such as cloth diaper cleaning hacks to insights into their relationship like how Kate met Andie. Plus following his account means that you get to see pictures of Aden and Avery.

Andy Lee – @sengkangbabies

Andy’s kids have practically grown up online but one thing has stayed the same – they are still having fun with their dad. You may not find picture-perfect family photos here, but when you will see photos of Andy spending times with his kids and it will give you ideas of what other activities you can do with your children.

Chris Pratt – @prattprattpratt

Here is Anna on Mother's Day with our twin sons Jack and T-Rex. Even now it's hard to tell them apart some times.

A post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Apart from using his account to promote his upcoming movies, Chris puts his considerable influence to good use by raising awareness for causes that he believes in. He also throws in the occasional photo of his wife and son.

Christopher Lee – @aiainbaby

He’s one half of Singapore’s power couple and a well-loved actor. What makes him most attractive though is how he is a hands-on dad. He regularly shares babysitting duties with wife fan and is very obviously a doting dad and husband, as you can tell from the many candid photos of his wife and son on social media.

David Beckham – @davidbeckham

You must be living in a hole if you don’t know with Beckham is. After making a name for himself in soccer, he is now dabbling in acting and business – he’s a partner of apparel brand Kent and Curwen. On his feed you’ll find many pictures of himself and his gorgeous brood.

Edmund Tay – @edunloaded

Edmund isn’t just your everyday daddy blogger. He’s also a licensed solemniser with the Registry of Marriages Singapore, trained facilitator with Focus on the Family and has more than 10 years experience with training and counselling at risk youth.

Mariano di Vaio – @marianodivaio

Family Sunday ❤️

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Mariano wears many hats – he’s a model, blogger, entrepreneur and dad to adorable Nathan. His feed is filled with travel photos, family moments, and he’s never been shy about proclaiming his adoration and affection for his wife and son. Of course, being easy on the eyes helps too!

Sergei Urban – @thedadlab

He may not be a teacher or a scientist, but Max and Alex’s dad Sergei is as creative as they come! There’s never a dull moment with Sergei constantly sharing DIY experiments, crafts and toys that you can do at home with your little ones. He also throws in the occasional parenting tip.

Simon Hooper – @father_of_daughters

Getting people out the door to go & actually do something as a family can be a challenge – staying at home always seems the easy option but with house viewings today and not wanting to clean up for 4th time, it was essential go out into the real world. Getting a one trottered pig to play the violin while dancing the macarena & speaking Latin would be considerably easier than getting all the childrens to empty their bladders, put on shoes and get in the car without considering drinking bleach. Once we were at the playground, the 2nd challenge is then to get everyone to leave again. No one wants to be the guy who yells across the playground in a passive aggressive tone to their offspring, so you do it in a chirpy joking way in case other rparebts are listening, then stomp across and pick up the offending child while trying not to make a seen. I did that today x 4. In the end, I had to carry everyone out to ensure we all left and ensure the risk of a daughter return to swings was reduced to zero. #additionforworldsstrongestman #familydayout #putyourfingshoeson #4girls1dad #parkexitescortservice #fod #Fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad

A post shared by Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) on

British dad Simon certainly has his hands full with four girls who are full of energy. We love how his Instagram feed is full of candid day-to-day dad shots and detailed captions of what he, his wife, Clemmie, and four girls – Anya, Marnie, and twins Ottie and Delilah get up to.