Dad Crush Monday: Zheng Ge Ping

Veteran actor Zheng Ge Ping (who also goes by Edmund Tay) is a familiar face to many in Singapore. But did you know that he was formerly a chef, has a black belt in taekwondo, and also has the titles of director, author, and founder of Star Fitness Asia to his resume?

This multi-talented local actor is married to fellow actress Hong Hui Fang and they have two pretty good looking children to boot, and he’s our dad crush of the week.

Support my daughter's dance performance at Gateway last night. It was awesome! 😃 #zhenggeping @tayying_ @calvert.tay @honghuifang


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Ge Ping entered acting in 1987 after completing the then-SBC 7th Professional Drama Performers’ Training Course, and he over the last three decades, he has proved his versatility by playing a wide range of roles.

He still going strong in the local media industry, and his latest project is Channel 8 drama When Duty Calls, where he plays Lt. Colonel Michael Yeo.

Filming TV drama "When Duty [email protected], the only time the fighter pilot talking to them in person. In future, they will only hear each voices. As they are the ears & eyes of the pilot. #zhenggeping #whendutycalls8 #thecelebrityagency #149squadron @ch8sg @the_celebrityagency #aftc

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And boy has he shown dedication towards his career. In the last decade, he has paid more attention to his body and working out, and today he’s known for having one of the most enviable bodies on Stars Avenue. He is often spotted showing off his body numerous times. Well, as they often say, if you have it, flaunt it.

He puts his good physique to good use, participating in charity soccer matches alongside fellow actors, some who are more than a decade younger than him.

In 2013, the 52-year-old wrote and published a book titled Star Fitness, where he documented his exercise and diet regime.

It’s now his personal quest as the founder of Star Fitness Asia, to increase the fitness levels of the over-50 demographic.

Ge Ping’s healthy lifestyle and impressive physique makes him the perfect face for his gym business. He’s also played cover boy for various magazine, including the November 2016 edition of Men’s Health.

Of course, it’s best to do everything in moderation, and Ge Ping has his cheat days too, though once in two months is way too long to have one for us ordinary folks.

He’s no slacker in the parenting department either. Both 21-year-old Tay Ying and 17-year-old Calvert are close to their dad and seem to be taking baby steps towards the entertainment industry that their parents are in.

He’s also a subscriber to the school of hard knocks and doesn’t believe in spoon-feeding his kids. When asked whether he gave his children any acting advice, he said that they need to learn the “hard way”, through their own mistakes .

However it is clear that he adores his children – just see the posts that he has dedicated to them on his social media.

Happy 21st Birthday to my darling Ying [email protected]_ Papa still can't accept u are 21 now! U were so tiny when I first carried u in my arms at birth…so dear to me! 😊 Now u are a beautiful young adult, Papa wish u all the very best in life, U are forever my baby, I will always be there to love & protect u. God bless U !🙏😘 ❤ 我的宝贝女儿 @tayying_ 21岁了!哈哈哈,我还是无法接受这个事实。。。 你出世时把你抱在怀里,是那么的小宝贝。。。现在已经是美丽的少女了! 爸爸祝你幸福健康快乐!我会永远的守护你,疼爱你我的宝贝女儿! 上帝与你同在!🙏😘❤ 生日快乐!👏🎂😄🍸 #zhenggeping @tayying_

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We can’t wait to see more of Ge Ping on our screens as he shows everyone how you can defy expectations and be a leading man even at 50+ on local TV.

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