#SUPPORTLOCAL: Beauty Brands To Get Your Hands On Now.

Support local.

Keeping up with the big names is fine and all but we’ve got some local names that are making waves and we’ve rounded up the best. Check them out.

From one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-me! Because everyone’s skin is different. With the broadest range of customisable skincare products to date, its easy for you to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Abduct is about creating products to enhance your individual sense of style. From basic to truly unique shades, Abduct offers the flexibility to express yourself. All ingredients are carefully curated and long-lasting.

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Nail Deck aims to create a world where anyone and everyone can celebrate their individual uniqueness through colour. Choose from carefully curated collections or simply create your own bespoke colours.

Faux Fayc (Foʊ – face) is a Singapore-based professional cosmetic brand that celebrates individual expression. They are passionate about pushing boundaries and innovating creative products to celebrate authenticity.

Auolive first debuts with a range of premium multi-functional skincare products that are gentle yet powerful enough to protect your face from aging and provide a luxurious skincare treat.


Specialising in all-natural, coconut oil based skin & hair care, Kat treats are handcrafted in Singapore with 100% organic, raw, unprocessed and/or unrefined key ingredients and are made with no chemical preservatives. Recipes are kept simple so you get more of each carefully curated ingredient.

Allies of Skin is driven by a fundamental belief in the skin’s ability to heal and correct itself. With guiding principle is to facilitate and enhance the healing process with powerful actives in clean, optimally concentrated formulas that repair, regenerate and also re-train your skin to perform at its best

Borne out of a mother’s love for her son, Balm Kitchen which started off as a search for a solution for her son’s Atopic Dermatitis has now become a mother’s passion to formulate effective Nourishing Skin Food.

Every stroke and dab gives her the avenue to explore her individuality. But she would be hard-pressed to do so, when overwhelmed with chemical-riddled commercial cosmetics that would leave her skin irreparably blemished.

Candela Cosmetics is a makeup brand that provides everyday glam at an exceptional price and quality. Ultra pigmented, skin-friendly cosmetics that aim to encourage young women to pursue entrepreneurship and science. 

An emotional experience is transient, mysterious and powerful. Like immersive spaces, it evokes, excites, and it also evolves. Our sixth sense tells us things like no one else does. SIX reveals, re-enacts, and remakes immersive spaces through scents that capture the essence – in a bottle.


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