Spotlight: Mooncakes

Just in time for the Mid-Autumn festival

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, here is our go-to-guide for the fanciest, prettiest and most unusual mooncakes.

Once upon a time, mooncakes were round baked cakes with a red bean, lotus or nut filling, to reference the full-harvest moon. These days they come in all shapes and sizes, with baked, snow-skin or buttery, flaky-crust options and exotic fillings like Mao Shan Wang durian to chocolate ganache to tropical fruit purees. We’ve rounded up the prettiest, fanciest and most unusual mooncakes with late order dates, so even last-minute mums can throw a Mid-Autumn festival family gathering, or find something to gift their business associates with. Now all you need to do is kick back and relax, put on a pot of tea and enjoy the festivities on September 24, the night of the brightest moon.

The cutest: Tubby Bears and Bunnies mooncakes, from Little House of Dreams
Price: $19.80 for two; $56.80 for six, and $99.80 for 12 pieces
Last order: Sept 24;
The bakery bistro has collaborated with celebrity food artist, Shirley Wong of Little Miss Bento, for its snow-skin mooncake collection. They come in the form of cute bears and bunnies and have lotus, pure chocolate or fruit puree fillings that are also less sweet – a definite plus.

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Energising treat: Mid-Autumn Star from Feng Shui Inn
Price: $78 for box of six
Last order: Sept 21; tel: 6577-6599 or
A mooncake with a ginseng filling will give you a sweet fix, boost to your immune system and re-energise you. Each crisp, buttery-crust mooncake reportedly has more than five grams of American ginseng; it is is mixed with white lotus paste and custard, then milk chocolate pearls are added for extra crunch.

Most regal: Jade Snowskin Mooncakes, from CreatureS
Price: $80 (before GST) for a box of four
Last order: Sept 20;
Inspired by the Imperial Jade Seal from the Qing dynasty of China, each snow-skin mooncake filled with pure Mao Shan Wang durian, is hand-stained to give the unique jade marbling.

Truffle-mania: Exquisite Mini Snow Skin Collection, from Paradise Group
Price: $56 for box of eight
Last order: While stocks last;
Free of artificial flavouring and colouring, the mini snow-skin mooncakes are made with ingredients like coffee and real fruit puree, and have an exotic truffle centre. Variants include orange citrus with lychee martini and Japanese chestnut with Osmanthus.


Boozy hits: Prestige Collection, from Bakerzin  
Price: $60 for a box of 8
Last order: Sept 22;
Now you can have your drink and eat it with these snow-skin mooncakes that are infused with apple vodka, butterscotch Baileys, latte Kahlua and coconut liqueur.

Standout impression: Wellness mooncakes, from Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Price: $78 for eight snow-skin mooncakes or four traditional mooncakes
Last order: Sept 24;
This makes for an impressive gift – your snow-skin or traditional mooncakes come in a luxurious, velvet-lined elegant pink tote. The traditional variants are also healthier with reduced sugar and no lard. Interesting snow-skin variants include strawberry yoghurt champagne and Okinawa sweet potato and gula melaka.  

Cold welcome: Hello Kitty ice cream mooncakes, from Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
Price: $33.80 for two pieces
Last order: Sept 24;
Some howl at the moon, we scream for ice cream, which is why ice cream versions of mooncakes are a favourite. Wrapped in delicate pastry skin, there are two ice cream flavours – tangy passionfruit, and a salted butterscotch with cookie crumble bits.  

Fresh and fruity: Snowskin Combo, from Goodwood Park Hotel
Price: $62 for four pieces
Last order: Sep 19;
We feel less guilty with fruity desserts, which is why the hotel’s tropical fruit-based mooncakes – soursop with calamansi; mango with pomelo, cempedak and D24 Durian – are the perfect sweet answer.

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Spotlight: Mooncakes

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, here is our go-to-guide...
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