Influencer Mums love Pearlie White’s Enamel Safe Kids Toothpaste

Keeping little teeth safe and healthy.

An entire generation ago, processed foods were pushed through skilful advertising and colourful campaigns to entice mums to take shortcuts with less than desirable food and products just to fill the pockets of major corporations who had no qualms about filling your children’s bellies with poison and animal by-products.

Fast forward to today, with the rise of education, scientific studies and the pure passion of people who push forward with healthy living campaigns, mindsets have switched. We’ve all become more aware of what we put into our bodies. Many of us have made the switch to go organic or simply drop processed foods for a whole foods diet instead.

But food shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when you’re making positive changes to your lifestyle. 

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If you’re already making sure your kids get the best chance possible, consider their teeth and mouth as well. Why use a toothpaste chockfull of potential hazards and sugar when there are safer alternatives out there?

The Pearlie White® All Natural Enamel Safe Kids’ Toothpaste with its extremely low relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) value of under 30 prevents paste from harming your child’s enamel and gums as they brush – by comparison, adult toothpastes have an RDA value of 100 and above.

The Pearlie White® Enamel Safe Kids’ Fluoride Toothpaste is exactly what you get in the All Natural version except that this one contains your dentist’s recommended dosage of fluoride to keep your older child’s teeth is tip top shape.


All Pearlie White® toothpastes do away with all the nasties including parabens, peroxide, saccharin and artificial colouring among many other undesirables. You can also sleep safe knowing no animal was harmed in the making of their products.

Three mummy influencers were invited to test out the Pearlie White Enamel Safe Kids Range with their adorable kiddos. We share their experience with you. 



Elaine: Good teeth brushing habits should be cultivated from young so choosing suitable dental kits are very important as to encourage our kids to enjoy the process. With Pearlie White’s specially formulated RDA levels under 30, its great to know that it will be extra gentle on their teeth enamel.

Amanda: I love that the toothpaste can be used even for babies as young as three-months-old, and that the ingredients were all very mild and free of harmful ingredients. It is also fluoride-free which is important for children. I try my best to minimise Liam’s exposure to chemicals and harmful ingredients so this one’s perfect!

Vinna: When it comes to product for kids ; I will alway check out the ingredient list to ensure it’s child-safe. As this is for oral use and for brushing teeth.


Elaine: My three-year-old toddler was really excited upon seeing the cutesy Pearlie White tooth paste packaging and he quickly proclaimed that it was exactly what he likes – Strawberry flavour. 

Amanda: The packaging was cute and colourful, and it honestly didn’t take much persuasion for Liam to brush his teeth with it. He brought it to me and asked me to open it for it!

Vinna: To get a kid to like a new product and cultivate the good habit of brushing teeth is not as easy as it seems. However, Pearlie White has done it! By having cute prints on it has definitely helped to increase my daughter Alyssa’s curiosity and excitement .


Elaine: The toothbrush has soft bristles and my son commented that it felt gentle even on his gums, the toothpaste had a hint of strawberry flavor which he enjoyed alot and wanted to brush his teeth again! 

Amanda: Liam seemed to like it, and even asked for more toothpaste! I’m guessing it must taste quite yummy!

Vinna: Alyssa didn’t quite like it on her first try as it was slightly different in taste from her usual toothpaste. However after a few brushes she eventually got used to the natural strawberry flavour.


Elaine: I would recommend the fluoride-free toothpaste especially for the younger kiddos whose parents are concerned that they can’t spit yet because it is safe to be swallowed in small amounts during brushing. 

Amanda: I would recommend it to all parents like I do with most baby products, to always go with the all-natural option. It’s the least we can do for our kids, to protect them and give them the best we can, even if it’s something as simple as toothpaste.

Vinna: Recommend it? Yes! I’d recommend it for kids who brush on their own. The cute prints would defintely get them excited to try it.

Available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores, NHG Polyclinics and online at Pearlie WhiteRedmart, Lazada, Guardian, Q0010 and Shopee.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Pearlie White.

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