Mummyfique Picks: The Wind Walkers by Theo Jansen

By Lydia Law | Lead Image Credit: Lydia Law

The Wind Walkers exhibition recently and quite quietly landed at the Art Science Museum.

Featuring 13 large-scale ‘Strandbeests’ or ‘beach animals’ designed and built by Dutch sculptor Theo Jansen, this exhibition is a breathtaking one that really showcases how beautiful and truly awesome science combined with art can be.

Jansen trained first as a physicist and later became a painter, before he dived full force into sculpture. The science behind each Strandbeest is simple yet incredible, purely driven by Jansen’s quest to solve the problem of flooding by rising sea levels by piling sand to form sand breakwaters via these animals.

Looking at each of the creatures, one can very easily be led to think that Jansen drew his inspiration from nature. I for one, definitely did, as I saw Strandbeests mimicking the caterpillar, the rhino and even a stegosaurus.

I was quickly corrected by the guide, who drew my attention back to the fact that Jansen was a physicist first and hence, his designs were a result of math primarily. Any relation to nature was associated after each sculpture was born.

Every Strandbeests is unique and a sight to behold. Imagining and then watching them come to life is the magical breathtaking part.


I highly recommend that you bring your little ones down for a visit, not to only be blown away by the gracefulness of these over 100kg structures built out of pvc tubes, recycled bottles and cable ties, but more so to gain very cool insights to understanding kinetics in a fun and magical way.

Several of these installations ‘come alive’ everyday so do schedule your visit around the reanimation schedule.

Ps. The exhibition includes a fab hands on craft activity for the kids too to have a go at creating their own little Strandbeest so don’t miss it!

The Wind Walkers will be at the Art Science Museum from now till the end of September.

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