Kids: Sun Safety 101

Sun Safety 101.

Summer time (all year round in Singapore!) brings us tremendous joys as parents. It means we can spend time away from the confines of home routines and off out in to the great outdoors to explore our surroundings.

Sunshine promotes happiness – it makes us feel good inside, so when the summer season finally arrives this sense of positivity oozes out from within our soul and on to the many things we would like to achieve.

Simply stepping outside on a gorgeous sunny day benefits us all but there are sun-related dangers we sometimes just need reminding of to protect our babies and children (and yourselves of course!)

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Exposure to sun and related high temperatures can bring on potentially life-threatening conditions, but don’t fret – if you just use some good old fashioned common sense you will all be able to enjoy that amazing family day out you have planned.

Sun Hat

Pool Shoes


SPF 50+ Sunscreen

1. Sunscreen

Your child’s skin is vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Always use a high factor sunscreen for babies and children – the highest you can get. 

Slap a puddle of it all over exposed areas so they resemble a snowman if you like. Ok, maybe not quite so dramatic, but you get the picture.

Make sure it is applied before you head out in the sun and reapply frequently – especially after any contact with water.

Avoid exposing your kids to direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day – between noon and 3pm. Where possible use shady areas or stay inside during these peak hours. Apply sunscreen even if you are not in direct sunlight –  it can still cause damage – the sun is crafty like that, but we can forgive it for that can’t we?

Rash Vest

Swim Suit


2. Water

Your child becoming dehydrated is very real and can happen quickly, so make sure they’re getting plenty of fluids. This is so so important – especially for the younger ones – they may not be able to communicate their need for a drink, so it is up to you to ensure they are taking in plenty – preferably water.

Avoid juices and soft drinks, because, well, water is the best!

3. Dressing Cool

Keep your kids cool. Now, I don’t mean setting a brand-new fashion trend to impress their peers, (or yours for that matter), but dress them in loose, bright clothing in light, breathable material. Don’t forget a sun hat!

Cotton Kaftan

Stainless Steel Bottle

SPF 50+ Sunscreen

5. Sunglasses

Get a great pair of category three sunglasses – and if your child has no interested in wearing them – they are just being kids – don’t stress. If they keep them on for longer than 53 seconds, do some star jumps in the middle of the street to celebrate. Then replenish your own lost fluids…

Above all else, just use common sense and enjoy many happy summer memories together. Minus the inevitable tantrums…

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