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District Design Dialogue – Holland Village

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018
– Sunday, 18 Mar 2018

10:00am – 8:00pm

District Design Dialogue – Holland Village features the design takeover of 10 empty terrace house at Chip Bee Gardens. These ten houses will be populated with art installations, design, activities and workshops across Art, design, fashion, food, music and lifestyle categories.

DDD – HV will feature collaborations with over 50 homegrown creatives and businesses.

Festival Highlights that will be interesting for kids (and plenty others for the adults too):

The Playground — A house dedicated to nurturing young and curious minds through experiential play and design.

One for the kids, The Playground house will be populated with interactive installations and workshops designed to engage children through playful and imaginative learning.

The Playground will be a drop off space to give parents a chance to unwind and participate at other activities at District Design Dialogue.

Children at The Playground will enjoy :

String Maze: Children have the option to climb through the maze to reach the front door.

Fishes in the Reef: Play and interaction with a weave installation of fishes made from recycled material. Children can add to the weave, adding sea creatures, coral as they go along. Material includes ribbons, string, cloth, plastic bags, craft materials.

Band of Doodlers mural wall. Homegrown illustrators will begin a doodle mural wall. Children are invited to add to the mural with upcycled materials, craft materials and paint.

Rainbow Room: A messy space for children to paint their hearts out, painting with colour through different tools that are on offer including their own hands and feet. Paint with a sponge, a broom, or balloon paint bombs!

Robot Petting Zoo: A zoo of interactive electronic pets made from craft materials and electronic bits by Saturday Kids. Children can further on learn to make their own robo-pets by signing up to the “Build your own Robot-Pet” workshops.

A series of craft and coding and invention workshops for children, including gelato making, guerilla carpentry, coding camps and invention workshops. Visit www.ddd.sg to sign up.

Also interesting for the young ones is a visit to:

House of EYEYAH!: Step into the wonderful world of EYEYAH!, a t-shirt exhibition for kids. Inspired by the theme of “The Internet”, this walk-in wardrobe of hyper-colour imagery is created from over 30 artists from around the world. Curated by Steve Lawler & Tanya Wilson (formerly of Kult Magazine) this showcase launches their new publication EYEYAH!, designed  to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet

Event Location

Jalan Kelabu Asap, Singapore

Event Fees

Various price: