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Explorer Junior Holiday Workshops

July 24 - August 31

Uncover your child’s potential this July and August with fun-filled Science & Tech Junior workshops from Explorer Junior.

Designed for children aged four to six, the workshops include toys, materials and a fun curriculum. Furthermore, they will acquire valuable skills and motivation to allow them to be the captain of their dreams.

The Science & Tech Junior workshop line-up includes three programmes: Green Planet, Castle Adventures and Electrify.

At the three-day Green Planet workshop, Explorers get a hands-on experience working with renewable energy sources. Simultaneously, they’ll gain awareness on the world’s current energy landscape, while learning more about their roles in the future. Fun activities include designing and creating a water wheel and building a solar and wind car!

Next, join Castle Adventures for a fulfilling five-day adventure! Explorers will discover the wonders of the castle and its characters within while learning about different parts of the castle and their respective functions. Similar to the Green Planet workshop, Castle Adventures enables Explorers to design and build things like drawbridges and weapons. Furthermore, the young ones will create electric circuits to light up the castle and decode a secret door. All this will be done to locate the princess’ pet dragon in the 3D castle maze. Finally, Explorers will get to plan a safe passageway for the dragon to escape. If needed, the entire adventure can even be made into a stop motion story. How exciting!

At the action-packed three-day Electrify workshop, Explorers will put on a mad scientist’s coats and goggles to explore the wonders of electricity. Other than experimenting with insulators and conductors to determine their properties, they will make their own electronics such as night lamps too.

For more information, visit here. Check out other ongoing activities from now till August.


July 24
August 31