Look Fab This Summer With The Best Swim Suit Style For Your Shape

By Xindi Siau | Lead Image: Unsplash

Be honest with your body.

Shopping for swimwear can be a fun affair if you know where to look. With the huge variety that brands now offer, it can get pretty confusing (and daunting) when selecting the best suit for yourself. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect swimwear

First of all, decide on the purpose of your swimwear. Is it for some fun in the sun on a beach? Pooltime? Performance wear? Or one that can also double up as part of an outfit on occasion. This helps narrow down designs, styles and fabrics. When it comes to selecting colour, narrow in on colours that compliment your skin tone.

Here’s an expert tip, fairer ladies look great in darker jewel tones and pastels, and those with darker skin tones generally look great in brights and primary colours.

The ideal swimwear should not only look good, but also fulfill comfort, fit and function. Investing time and money in selecting a few good pieces serves not only as mere swimwear, but also as an addition on to your wardrobe collection.

Layer pretty bikinis under sheer tops for a summery look and double up full piece suits as a nice bodysuit under some pants or skirt and a stylish jacket. 


A point often overlooked is to be honest with your body. The idea is to enhance your assets and create a distraction from the other problem areas. 

We all have different body types and quirks, so try on multiple pieces and look at the fit from all angles, as well as move in them.

If you are not comfortable in the fitting room (or bedroom for online orders), you will definitely not be comfortable in public. With the vast variety of designs available, do not be afraid to mix and match different pieces from different brands in order to create that perfect set. 

Below are some guidelines to help find that piece that best flatters your body shape.

1. Petite or Small-Chested

Small busted women have a huge range of fun swimwear designs to choose from. Look out for tops with details like ruffles, texture or prints to give an illusion of a fuller bust.

Moulded bra tops with medium to light padding like the an underwire demi bra or classic triangle bikini provide a more natural enhancement of your bust line and look best on smaller chested women.

Bonus Tip: Bring the cups closer by pinching the middle straps for a deeper cleavage.

Anjuna Noemi ruffled crochet-trimmed printed triangle bikini US$430 on Net-A-Porter

Flat Bottom

Distract a flatter behind with pieces sporting designs like ruffles, side strings or gathers in a bold colour or print. Avoid full coverage bottoms and instead go for a brazilian or bikini cut pieces that show off more of that cute butt cheek.

Blondie Triangle Bikini Set by PHAX Swimwear S$184 via Bella Kini

Jasmine bottom US$88 via LSpace

Athletic/ Muscular/ Straight Waist

The idea is to create an illusion of curves. Look out for cuts and streamlined shapes that give definition at the waist and bust line. Avoid hard lines that run straight across the body as well as solid coloured full piece suits which only emphasises an athletic figure.

Full length pieces or bottoms that fall just below the hip bone also lengthens your legs and is more flattering to a slimmer hip.  

Tia One Piece- Urban S$139 via Pinksalt

Big Busted

Ladies who are blessed in the bust department should look out well fitted styles to play up your curves. Make sure your bust fits comfortably into the cups and not spill out the sides nor cut at the bust line.

Stay away from string bikinis and swimwear that come in generic sizes, and go for halter and bustier styles to help keep the girls comfortably in place. Look out for tops with thick double stitched straps, sidebands and underwire cups which will offer more comfort and much needed support. 

El Nido Halter S$75 via August Society

Fuller Bottom

For those who have an ample behind, stick to dark solid coloured bottoms with enough fabric to comfortably cover your behind. String bikini bottoms or pieces that are too high cut will constantly ride up and hence be uncomfortable.

Ensure a correct fit by making sure that the hems do not roll up your butt cheeks and the fabric does not dig into your hips. Match these with a louder top with details to create balance to your body shape. 

Gathered Front Retro Bikini Pant S$69 via Seafolly

Wide Hips

For those with wider hips but slim legs, balance out your hips with this seasons off shoulder swim tops. This creates an illusion of broader shoulders and an overall balance to your swim look.

Also avoid waistband that run straight across your hips. Instead for bottoms with shaped waistbands to give an illusion of smaller hips. 

Mu.Lan Ruffled two-piece top S$129.50 & basic bottom S$78 via K-Blu.

Queen bandeau bikini set S$184 via Bella Kini.


Think 50s pin-up girl and old school Hollywood glamour. Ladies with hourglass figures look great in two-piece suits with a well fitted underwire or halter bra top and high waisted brief bottoms.

Play with solid colours to bring attention to top and bottom, hence enhancing a smaller waistline.

Norma Kamali Bill ruched halterneck bikini top US$169 USD & bikini briefs US$178 via Net-a-porter


Comfort and style are key when looking for swimwear during your pregnancy. Look for two-piece suits with ample coverage for that growing bust line.

Tankinis with a looser mid section or gathered sides hug the belly comfortably and is much more convenient when you have to use the toilet as opposed to struggling with a one-piece suit.

Black Tankini With V-Neck Set S$165 via K-Blu 

Love Handles

For ladies who want to keep our lovely love handles tucked in, look for high waisted bottoms that fall right above the belly button.

This creates a lovely curve as well as enhance a slimmer waist.

Navy Floral Top and High Waisted Reversible Bottom S$100 via K-Blu

Plus Size

Bigger sized ladies can look great in both two-piece and full suited swimwear. Look for designs that offer ample coverage as well as support for the bust and hip area.

A higher cut bottom will visually also add length to your legs.

Selecting quality fabrics for your swimwear is important. Thicker fabrics in a matte sheen act as a shape control piece and will hug your curves in all the right places.

Red and Blue Tankini With Floral Print Set S$110 SGD via K Blu Curve

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Xindi Siau is a fashion stylist and certified yoga instructor with a penchant for food and travels. She is a new mom to a beautiful baby boy.

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