7 Local Skincare Brands Mums will Love

Our top recommendations for clean skincare and makeup brands, all proudly made in Singapore (image from Liht Organics's Facebook page).
Looking for a cleaner, more effective skincare and makeup routine? In light of National Day fast approaching, here are our top picks for local skincare brands you've got to try. BY KIMBERLY TAN

Organic Skincare

Liht Organics
This BB Cream is perfect for busy mums - it's a moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer and sunblock all rolled into one!
Busy mums will love this BB Cream - it's an all-in-one moisturiser, concealer, primer, sunblock and foundation!

Liht Organics, founded by Nerissa Low, offers high-performance organic makeup with professional textures and finishes. It’s great for the busy mum who wants to look effortlessly flawless with just some light makeup. The secret is the Anti-Aging BB Cream ($82), which is a sunblock, concealer, primer, foundation and moisturiser, instantly whittling your morning makeup routine to just one step. 

For more coverage, try the award-winning Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation (about $80) with a diverse range of shades. Pair this with the nourishing Moisture Burst Lip Glaze or go bold with the highly-pigmented Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick (both $48). 

Trying to avoid nasty chemicals? Don’t worry, up to 90 per cent of Liht’s ingredients are certified organic. Furthermore, the products do not contain any nano-particles, synthetic chemicals, parabens and waxes, and is not talc-based. Additionally, the makeup is vegan and cruelty-free, and also fairly sustainable, since their pressed products are refillable. Get your Liht favourites at ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic or on their website. 

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Frank Skincare
For jet-setting mums. try the Frank Skincare x Ock Pop Tok .

At Frank Skincare, treat your skin to completely non-GMO, certified organic, paraben-free, and products. One key product is face oil, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and is super moisturising. Do apply it sparingly to avoid feeling greasy.

Best for mums constantly traveling overseas for work, or for the regular gym-goer, try the Summer Piet Travel Pouch ($78). This is a collaboration with Laotian social enterprise Ock Pop Tok that helps the country’s diverse ethnic groups and provides income for rural communities. In this case, female textile artisans in Khmu Village made the pouches.

Within the pouch are several goodies – the Magic Wipe Cleansing Oil, bamboo washcloth, a luxury face oil and body oil. Choose what best suits your skin type, whether that’s combination skin, or ezcema or to address skin concerns during pregnancy. Of course, like the other brands on this list, they’re also striving to be eco-friendly, using recycled or recyclable packaging wherever possible. 


Customised Skincare

Tailor your skincare to meet your needs with the personalised serum, eye serum (pictured) and moisturiser. (Image from alche{me}'s Facebook page)
Tailor your skincare to meet your needs, and get a personalised eye serum (pictured), serum or moisturiser (Image from alche{me}'s Facebook page)

Founded by Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield, alche{me} believes in tailoring products to each person’s needs. Not only does this simplify our skincare routine – a must for busy mums – but also improves its effectiveness. Packed full of quality botanical extracts, the skincare range includes toners, cleansers, serums and moisturisers. We recommend the personalised serum ($105), eye serum ($65) or moisturiser ($95). 

Furthermore, the skin consultation can be done online. Just upload a selfie and answer a few questions on stress levels, skin concerns and sensitivity, and you should be done in five minutes. Your personalised serum will help tackle aging, acne, pollution to give you radiant skin, and you should see visible results after 28 days. 

While not organic, alche{me}’s products are all natural and cruelty-free. Moreover they don’t contain any parabens, sulfates, silicones and animal-derived ingredients so vegant could use this too. Lastly, all these products are packaged in 100 per cent recyclable bottles. 

Low to Zero Waste

Rough Beauty
Try these gorgeous yet rugged soap bars for bath time from Rough Beauty.
Try these rugged yet gorgeous soap bars from Rough Beauty (image from their Facebook page)

Inspired by the ruggedness of the Himalayas, founder Chew Jia Tan wanted to embody sustainability and simplicity in Rough Beauty‘s ethos. Each of the bath and body soaps ($9.50) are lovingly handcrafted with the finest botanical ingredients, and like the others on this list, free from synthetic fragrances, colours, parabens and sulphates. 

While actively recycling, reusing and reducing, Rough Beauty also endeavours to use paper or cardboard to package the soaps. Furthermore, they even have a package-free option, should you want it, so you can go completely zero waste. For liquid products like the essential oils or the liquid wash, customers can also visit their shop for refills. 

Opt for a zero waste alternative with these solid shampoos from oasis:skin.
Opt for a zero waste alternative with these solid shampoos from oasis:skin. (Image from their Instagram)

Rebuild your skin’s natural barriers with fresh, plant-based ingredients with oasis:skin. Founder Hildra Gwee felt frustrated with chemical-laden products, and wanted to find a more natural alternative. 

For a zero-waste alternative, try the SLS-free solid shampoos that contain 100 per cent organic essential oils. One such example is the organic ginger hair loss solid shampoo ($10), which uses organic mango butter, coconut oil, lemongrass and ginger essential oils. Even better, this solid shampoo also helps those with psoriasis or dandruff. 

Otherwise, treat yourself to a customisable gift set ($99) with a range of goodies that include a face serum, treatment mist, and clay mask. Along with this comes a mask brush and a mixing bowl and a towel. Here’s the full list of places you can get this brand from. 

Giving Back

Balm Kitchen
Try these bestsellers from Balm Kitchen: the Fruity Gelly Wash, Awakening Skin Tonic and Super Fruit Defense.

Balm Kitchen, founded by Teresa Foo, has evolved into a brand that creates nourishing skin food. All the products are made in the studio at ARK@Gambas in Singapore and specially formulated for our climate. One popular choice is the Fruity Gelly Wash ($24), which washes away pollutants, excess oil, light makeup and sunscreen. Achieve the much-envied ‘glass’ skin with the Awakening Skin Tonic ($58). Not only does this intensely hydrate your skin, it also protects your skin from oxidative stress. 

Aside from being great for your skin, Balm Kitchen also supports various charities and have sponsored two girls under World Vision. Furthermore, they also actively work with Fair Trade organisations to supply them with cosmetic ingredients, organic cotton tote and drawstring bags. 

Where possible, they incorporate native Asian ingredients into their formulations. Finally, they use only glass PET and BPA-free packaging, do not issue printed invoics and actively recycle all materials used in production.

Try these amazing products from W.ANT skincare, which includes the Beet This Honey Cleanser and Facial Spritzer (image from their Facebook)
Try these ethical skincare from W.ANT. We love the Beet This Honey Cleanser and the Facial Spritzer (Image from their Facebook)

What we love about W.ANT is that several of their skincare products are multipurpose. For example, the Facial Spritzer ($29) works together with the Ginger Clay Scrub Mask ($49) and is a toner and face mist. Meanwhile, one of their award-winning products is the Beet This Honey Cleanser ($29), which thoroughly cleans off makeup and grime.

Need extra sparkle? Try W.ANT’s biodegradable glitter that is completely compostable, great for vegans and cruelty free. Additionally, these are of cosmetic quality and are 40 per cent softer than regular glitter. Their best seller is Dragonfly ($29), with shades of blue, purple and teal. 

The local brand is ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable, and aims to empower marginalised women. All products are formulated with pure botanical oils and minerals, leaving out any synthetic ingredients and even water. Moreover, purchasing W.ANT products also supports local communities and women in cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia and Benin in Africa. 

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