5 Tips To Taking The Best Beach Photos According to These Celeb Mums

Don't just drool over their feed, get with the program.

Celebs, influencers… what do they have in common? Bloody awesome Instagram feeds, that’s what! How on earth do they look good from every angle? Did God spend a little bit more time on them? Perhaps. Or maybe, they’ve mastered the art of working it for the camera. It takes practice, my girlfriends, a lot of practice and making faces at your mirror – but you can do it too, with a bit of help.

Here are five tips we’ve snagged from some of our favourite celeb mommas.

Natural Lighting Is Gold

Natural lighting is key. Where possible, aim for the golden hour, that short period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the lighting is warmer, softer and much more flattering.

The Background Sets The Tone

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Your choice of background will set the tone for your photo, so choose wisely. Tip: A drab space can sometimes look amazing through the viewfinder than what you see with your naked eye and vice versa so take a quick shot and you just might have found a gem of a backdrop.


Get Your Angles Right

Practice in front of a mirror and find your angles, even the tiniest of moves can make your legs look longer, butt bigger, waist and profile slimmer,  so work it, girlfriend!

Wear Something Cute

With the rise of Instagram, brands have upped their game and crafted some beautiful swimwear in an amazing array of styles and sizes for everyone. So have a bit of a look around and find your holy grail (or two).

Enjoy Yourself!

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Finally, enjoy yourself! You only live once and the glow from just being happy will always shine through. And let’s face it, there’s bound to be some shots you’re not gonna love but so what? You had fun and there’s always tomorrow.

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