5 Incredible Things For Kids To Do In Bali

A different side of Bali.

Tired of the usual Bali itinerary and wish to experience beyond the sun and sand? Fret not as we help you and your family rediscover Bali in a different light through a list of unconventional activities which both kids and adults will adore!

Image Credit: Putri Siren

#1. Mermaid Playdate for your little ones

What better way to cool down in the sunny weather than splashing in the pool, like a mermaid! Putri Siren is a Bali-based company who host events where your little girl can live out her mermaid fantasies. Known for their gorgeous swim mermaid tails, Putri Siren provides mermaid swimming classes at the comfort of your own villa or hotel with rental tails at a reasonable price.

You can even purchase your own tail and bikini set to bring back as a souvenir for the amazing aquatic experience your family spent this holiday!

Image Credit: Upside Down World Bali

#2. Upside Down World

Just like what the name suggest, Upside Down World is a fun indoor activity where you can spend an interesting day out with your family. One popular room within the gravity-defying world would have to be the 90-degree ‘Balinese room’ which features ornate wooden carvings and antique furniture.

One tip for visitors would be to approach the friendly staff who are on standby to help you with the photos as selfie sticks might not be useful when it comes to taking wide shots. You can also seek their guidance through the disorientating rooms in order to capture the perfect shot.

Image Credit: Febri’s Spa

#3. Family-friendly spas at Febri’s Spa

We all need a little unwinding during our vacation, so treat yourself (and your whole family) to a round of relaxing spa treatments in the tranquil ambience without the hefty price tag. Febri’s Spa offers a wide range of treatments within sleek air-conditioned studios surrounded by walls of waterfalls and greeneries.


What’s unique about Febri’s Spa is their thoughtfulness as parents get to relax knowing their precious ones are treated like royalties with Febri’s special “Little Prince and Little Princess” package. Another unique value-for-money spa facility is a large cottage accommodating four persons in luxury, making it ideal for a family or close friends to enjoy the pampering spa treatments together.

Image Credit: Rip Curl School of Surf

#4 Rip Curl School Of Surf's Little Ripper program for surfers under 13

Who says surfing is only for the big kids? At Rip Curl School of Surf, they offer Little Ripper course for children below the age of 13. With the ocean being the classroom, expert coaches are there to guide your littles ones to ride their first wave like a professional with one-on-one close supervision!

Instead of the usual making sandcastle on the beach and playing in the shallow water, challenge the little ones to pick up surfing and be one with the sea! The Little Ripper program is all about getting your children interested to surf, through confidence building with loads of fun.

Image Credit: Pirates Bay Bali

#5 Dine like a Captain on the Pirates Bay

Hungry after a long day out experiencing Bali? Head down to the Pirates Bay for a Jack Sparrow-themed dinner where you get to dine like the captain of a pirate ship! The open air restaurant comprises of a replica pirate ship on the sand, several tree houses, a lookout tower and various treasure hunt activities which you can participate as a family.

For families seeking a unique dining experience in Bali, this outdoor restaurant makes it perfect for couples to have a romantic meal out while letting the little ones have the time of their life playing around the fun-filled majestic pirate’s bay!

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